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Jordy Vonk Talks About the Foil Potentially Overtaking the Fin from 7.8m and Upwards After a Windy February in Tenerife

January might have been a weak month in terms of wind conditions, but February totally made up for it. It was windy almost every day and most of the time more than usual. I lost count of how many times I used my 5.8 m2 sail, which is the smallest sail I have! 
Hi Wind Foiling 
In 2021 the foil showed that it's not only a solution for light winds anymore, they are getting faster and faster in stronger winds too. Where last year the foil seems to have taken out the 8.4m and big slalom board, I think this year it will already take out the 7.8m slalom sail...... 

It's crazy to see, for this reason I'm spending currently a lot of time on the foil to make sure my 'hi wind foiling' skills are as good as my other skills. It's scary sometimes, as control on the foil is not the same as on a fin. Luckily, so far nothing bad happened...

In terms of speed I did about 33.6 knots (62.2 km/h) on the slalom course while fighting with guys on their 7.0 slalom sails.... 2 years ago we couldn't imagine this! 

I'm super happy this year as I have partnered up with F4 foils! It's great sharing thoughts together and work closely on the development of the foils for the next years, as the foiling discipline is still developing like crazy. 

Tarifa trip 
Beside my trainings in Tenerife I also had a short trip to Tarifa to meet my teammates Vincent Langer and Marco Lang. Together we did some sail and board development for Duotone/Fanatic as this time of the year we already prepare our equipment for 2023! 

I was only 3 days in town, but we were long days on the water to make sure the time was spent well. After Tarifa the product manager from Fanatic, Dani Aerberli, flew to Tenerife to finish the new 2023 slalom boards, excited that we made some steps forward again in our Falcon slalom range for upcoming year!! 

What's next? 

In March I'll spend another month in Tenerife, despite the windy month in February I can simply not get enough ;-) 

Also between 16th to 23rd of March I have another clinic coming up! Do you know somebody who's still interested to join? Due to a last minute cancellation I still have a spot available! 

And at the end of the month I'll head back to Holland to collect my van and chase conditions in mainland Europe again, see you on the water! 

Best regards, 

Jordy Vonk