Stormy Freestyle

Storm Force Freestyle with Yentel Caers at Brouwersdam

When the best male wave sailors of the world were competing at the 2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup, Yentel Caers (JP / NeilPryde) was busy enjoying storm force winds at Brouwersdam, the Netherlands, a spot which has produced many of the world’s best freestylers.

The 2019 PWA Freestyle World Champion may not have quite been able to defend his world title during the 2021 Marignane PWA Grand Slam last November, but he’ll certainly be gunning to get his hands back on the sports top honour after watching this latest radical clip, which sees the Belgian maestro exploding through a massive array of power moves such as spock into kabikuchi, double air culos and spock into double culos plus more.

You can see Yentel Caers’ storm force Freestyle performance @