The Windsurfing Podcast

The Windsurfing Podcast is back as Maciek Rutkowski sits down with the man behind RRD - Roberto Ricci


The Windsurfing Podcast is back after a short interlude. To kick off the new series of podcasts, Maciek Rutkowski (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails) sits down with the man behind RRD - Roberto Ricci. You can see the new podcast @

Windsurfing.TV: "Podcasts are back!!  ...Every Wednesday from NOW on!

The Main man behind RRD...  Roberto Ricci up first!

0:00 Teaser
1:30 Beginnings, shaping with Drops
8:30 Maui/Italy 80's shaper/rider, starts RRD '89
14:40 Maui experimental time
18:16 Friends with Sven, still competitive
23:05 '93 Almost burnt family house down, changed outlook
29:28 Driven by winning machines and making all-round funboards
32:55 Antoine effect, what happened to dream team, current tour
41:15 Looking to all-round watersport riders
44:09 Encouraging new shapers, keep riding/testing
49:35 Being manager of large company
53:10 Follow your passion, have fun
58:36 Comparing the windsport markets
1:04:01 'We were uncool before uncool was cool!'
1:07:43 Future in foil boats"