Pozo Izquierdo 2021 Recap

An Onshore Wave Riding Masterclass Featuring Moritz Mauch in Pozo

Moritz Mauch (CS Boards / Sailloft Hamburg) has recorded several top ten results on the PWA Wave World Tour. The 25-year-old remains one of the best wave riders in the world and consistently drops scores in the excellent range with aggressive turns and above the lip moves.

Mauch’s latest edit, which is a recap of some of his best sessions from 2021 in Pozo, is a real masterclass in onshore riding and a must watch for any aspiring wave sailor.

Moritz Mauch: “Some of my best sessions from 2021, let me know what move you enjoyed the most and comment down below! Some great things are planned for 2022”

You can see Moritz Mauch’s latest edit @ https://youtu.be/s71HifqbDq8