Lina at Home

After several winters in Australia, Lina Erpenstein swapped the balmy temperatures for the North Sea

Lina Erpenstein (Severne / Severne Sails / Maui Ultra Fins) has an Aussie twang to her accent, but after several winters downunder the 25-year-old has since swapped the soaring desert like West Coast for European shores. That hasn't stopped the German getting plenty of time on the water though and emracing the cold.

Severne: "German Severne rider Lina Erpenstein used to spend her winters in Western Australia. Since then, life has changed for Lina as she has settled back down in Germany to pursue her studies. 

Despite the harshness of winter, there are adventures to be had chasing storms, and the opportunity to hunker down at home in the quiet periods to pursue passion projects.

Music; Lina Erpenstein
Filming & edit; Bulgenslag"

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