Red Bull Storm Chase

Red Bull Storm Chase 2021/22: Contest Window Closed

Red Bull Storm Chase, the world ́s most challenging windsurfing competition, has closed the competition window for Spring 2022. We’ll keep you posted when the next window opens to chase wind and waves again. Stay tuned!

Monitoring wind and weather, evaluating storm systems and constant waiting is part of the game for the sport of windsurfing – especially for an event like Red Bull Storm Chase.

A lot of factors need to align to call the contest: 100kph winds, 10m waves, predictability, accessibility and safety measures. It ́s all about providing the perfect platform for the athletes to compete on their highest possible level in conditions that make Red Bull Storm Chase the unique and challenging competition that we all love to witness.

Unfortunately, this season ́s competition window didn't provide a suitable storm which ticked all boxes necessary, so the waiting period closes without a contest being held. However: Red Bull Storm Chase will return during the next storm season – exact dates TBD.

Thanks to everyone for sharing the excitement throughout the waiting period and crossing fingers for an event to happen!

Key Facts:

• World’s toughest windsurf contest needed a Force 10 storm (100kph winds, 10m waves)
• No storm in the contest period (07.10.21 – 30.03.22) provided suitable conditions
• Red Bull Storm Chase will return next storm season – contest window to be announced