The Windsurfing Podcast

With the most decorated windsurfer in history Björn Dunkerbeck

When it comes to windsurfing there is no bigger name than Björn Dunkerbeck (Starboard / Severne Sails), who amassed an incredible 42 world titles during a glittering career as he dominated the windsurfing scene for almost 3 decades. Maciek Rutkowski (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails) recently caught up with Dunkerbeck for the latest episode of the Windsurfing Podcast, which you can find below:

The Windsurfing Podcast: "Do we really need to introduce Bjorn Dunkerbeck?? I'm pretty sure we don't! World's most decorated, not only windsurfer, but athlete of all time joins Maciek for a chat about everything from his early days in Gran Canaria, his intimidating presence, his ugly battles with The Team, all the way to being a full-time dad introducing his son Liam to the world stage. A man of actions rather than words this is definitely the World's longest Terminator interview!

0:00 Teaser
1:00 Intro, what's he up to?
3:10 Being the GOAT? Getting on tour in the 80's
9:10 Getting to the top
13:55 Rivals - Robby, Anders & The Team (KP)
24:26 The search project, getting into speed
28:40 Slalom comes back, Antoine rivalry
33:38 Dunkerbeck speed challenge, Defi wind & new documentary
38:25 Liam becoming a pro waterman
43:58 Where is windsurfing going?
45:45 Quickfire"

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