FPV Drone

Federico Morisio: "Windsurfing in Waves as you've never seen before" see what he's talking about now

Federico Morisio (Starboard / Severne Sails) has been out in Chile and was lucky enough to have some footage of him captured via FPV (First Person View) drone, which resulted in a unique outcome, giving a perspective rarely seen whilst wave sailing. 

Federico Morisio: "Filming windsurfing action with a FPV drone feels like a dream to me! 

I wanted to do this since more than year and I'm happy that it finally happened here in Chile thanks to Christopher! 

My knee was actually painful that day, as I'm still recovering from my injury, but when I realised we could film, I just hit the water and gave my best! 

I hope you enjoy these original shots! Like the video, comment your opinion below and share it with friends so we can share the stoke for this fantastic sport! 

Next video will be about an epic day of pure waveriding, so stay tuned!" 

You can see Federico Morisio's latest edit @ youtu.be/aL3ybPoRF4c