Old School vs New School

Maciek Rutkowski tries to work out if you can you actually win at World Cup level on a 1990s old school sail?

Many of the world's top racers have been training in Tenerife for the last few months as part of their annual winter training. Maciek Rutkowski (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails) is just one of those guys and he's been trying to see how an old 1990s sail compares to today's offerings by putting it to the test against several other top racers from the World Tour.

Maciek Rutkowski: ”Can you actually win at World Cup level on a 1990s Old School Sail? And one of the best ones from the entire 90s... Let’s find out!

This time I’m testing out the 1996 Neilpryde VX3 Windsurfing sail and seeing how it can perform in a real competition. I will be comparing it to the current racing gear, having a look at the differences and similarities and seeing what it’s actually like to sail it in some real-life heats with real-life PWA World Cup superstars.

The video was shot in Tenerife during TWS Slalom Training.

Guest starring: Matteo Iachino, Enrico Marotti, Jordy Vonk, Bruno Martini, Rytis Jasiunas and more.. "

You can see Maciek Rutkowski's latest experiment @ https://youtu.be/AS-EXIu8Sz4