Hot or Not? Episode 3

Here's more from the tough talking pro's on what is and isn't cool out on the water. One thing's for sure, no matter who you listen to, it seems that having fun out there is the top priority!

1. Kite surfers riding waves? Cool or not cool?

Ricardo Campello (V-111, JP/ Neil Pryde) – ‘Nope. thats very stupid!’

Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/ North Sails) – ‘Thats not cool’

Amy Carter ( GBR-85 Tabou / Gaastra) ‘Has kitesurfing ever been cool?’

Matt Pritchard (US-10 Tabou / Gaastra) – ‘The rippers are cool’

Robby Swift (K-89, JP/ Neil Pryde) – ‘Not that cool as they seem to get stuck at the top of the waves on the cut back but some of them make it look OK’

Xavier Huart (F-33) – ‘Cool....especially when they crash hard!  Its still not real surfing from my point of view’

Daniel Ellis (GBR-52, Fanatic/ Naish) – ‘It can be, except they normally pick the set waves up further out than an ocean liner’

Anne-Marie Reichman (H-98, Naish/ Naish) – ‘  Robby Naish knows how to. When I saw that, it was cool…’

Josh Angulo (CV-1) – ‘That’s cool’

Laure Treboux (SUI-4  Naish / Naish) – ‘I don’t think they ever really ride the waves, they just get pulled along by their kite…Not enough style!’

John Skye (K-57, F2) – ‘Cool. Particularly at Teahopou. I think that is where kitesurfing has a lot of potential’

Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/ North Sails) – ‘Cool – they finally learnt to ride their stuff properly’

Finian Maynard (KV-11 F2 / NeilPryde) – ‘Hmm, only if they get barreled. Otherwise, not cool’

Ross Williams (GBR-83 Tabou / Gaastra) – ‘Nothing on a kite is cool’

2. Front hand -Underhand grip or overhand grip? Why?

Amy Carter – ‘Underarm sailing in a straight line, over arm for everything else. Dunno why its just what happens!’

Jaeger Stone (KA- 120 Starboard / Severne) – ‘ Underhand when you're just sailing on flat water because it's more comfortable when you're hooked in, but overhand is more comfortable when you're jumping and waveriding’

Laure Treboux – ‘Overhand grip! It allows moving your arm a lot better’

John Skye – ‘Overhand. Some moves you have to be overhand, no moves you have to do underhand. Therefore unless you want to be changing all the time, choose overhand’

Anne-Marie Reichman – ‘ 10 years ago I taught myself over hand is pleasant that way. You get good control wave riding. But sometimes, when really over powered, I switch grips... ‘

Dan Ellis – ‘Mix it up to keep things fresh…..’

Daida Moreno – ‘I use underhand grip for jumping, it gives me more impulsion, but
overrhand grip for wave riding’

Nik Baker (K-66, Mistral/ North Sails) – ‘Over hand means more manoeuvrability’

Karin Jaggi  - ‘Under hand – for all backward rotations because it’s more natural (Your body has less tortion) - that’s why overhand grip for all tricks and forward  rotations’

Robby Swift – ‘Overhand. Underhand is too fiddly, plus it feels weird’

Josh Angulo – ‘Both , for high-end slalom speed underhand , but overhand for the majority of wavesailing’

Ross Williams  - ‘OVERGRIP... Looks way better and is easier on the arm’

Femke van der Valk ( NED-19 F2 / Maui Sails) – ‘For tricks overhand,underhand for more speed racing’

Finian Maynard – ‘What if you have one hand over and one hand under? I do on starboard tack so it doesn't matter!’

Klaas Voget (G4, Fanatic / Neil Pryde) ‘Underhand is for Speedsailors!’

3. Wave riding. Tail or rail – which has more style?

Laure Treboux – ‘Rail is definitely the only way for riding with style!’

John Skye – ‘I like tail, but they both look sick if done the right way.’ 

Xavier Huart – ‘Rail!!! For ever!’

Matt Pritchard – ‘ Duh! Rail!’

Ross Williams – ‘Rail to Rail’

Anne-Marie Reichman – ‘‘As long as YOU have style, it will show either way!’

Dan Ellis – ‘Style is Style, you’ve either got it or not’

Josh Angulo (CV-1) – ‘Both are neccessary and stylish’

© PWA / Brian McDowell