A Day In The Life Of…Cyril Moussilmani


26 yr old Cyril Moussilmani (F-71 Fanatic / North) is one of windsurfings most accomplished all rounders, coming 6th in Slalom 42 this year, 7th in Super-X, and lying in 12th so far in waves. Until recently Cyril competed in Formula, Slalom, Super-X, Waves and Freestyle, which explains his two well deserved French Overall Windsurfing titles. What’s his approach to success then on a day-to-day basis?


I wake up around 8h30 have a good breakfast and then check the web forecasts, my email etc. If it's windy I’ll sail at least twice during a day practising slalom or waves. I like to have lunch in between sessions followed by some stretching.

In the evenings its nice to relax and go have a drink with some friends, but not every day, and sometimes if it's not windy I’ll play some volley ball, or wake board, or head for the snow and ski during the winter.

Out of the water I don’t train too technically in the gym or anything. During events I try to go sleep early to save energy for the long day we spend in our wetsuits.

I work sometimes on R&D for North Sails and Fanatic, but it's spread throughout the year, and so via the Internet, as soon as you have an idea you can communicate very easily these days. Apart from that I’m lucky and don’t have any other jobs to do.

I don’t travel too much to train and so I spend most of my year at home in France or else the Canary Islands, plus wherever we’re on tour.

I think our job as pro windsurfers is harder than working in an office actually. Searching for tickets, sticking to a budget, dragging your luggage around, and dealing with sponsors is a full time job in itself! Plus when you spend 8 hours or more waiting for the wind and the chance to compete, especially when it’s cold, its super hard.

Merci Cyril

© PWA / Brian McDowell