Hot or Not? Episode 4

Overall titles, the length of your harness lines, skinny masts and longboards get the Pro’s talking in episode four of hot or not. Keep up to date with leading edge opinion with the members of windsurfing’s elite tour, and their take on topical issues!

1. Modern windsurfing Longboards in waves. Was Patrice Belbeoch (Exocet) a legend at Sylt back looping and wave riding his long board?

Scott McKercher (KA-181, Starboard/ Severne) – ‘There's potential in it’

Nik Baker (K-66, Mistral/ North Sails) – ‘He is a legend any how! But Long board sailing does need to come back to a certain crowd’

Josh Angulo (CV-1) – ‘Definite legend’

Finian Maynard (KV-11 F2 / NeilPryde) – ‘I didn’t see that that day, but the pics he showed me from France back looping were really impressive’

Matt Pritchard (US-10 Tabou / Gaastra) – ‘Longboards are cool!’

Ross Williams – ‘I didn't see it. But I think that it would be fun to see someone doing it but you won't catch me out in the waves on a long board’

Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/ North) – ‘No – longboards are great for paddling but it’s not windsurfing’

Xavier Huart (F-33) – ‘Good for big guys! Imagine Jonas on it!? He’s gonna twist his ankles!’

Daniel Ellis (GBR-52, Fanatic/ Naish) – ‘Please! But if it floats your boat who are we to judge…’

Femke van der Valk (NED-19 F2 / Maui Sails) – ‘Not for me thanks!’

Laure Treboux (SUI-4 Naish / Naish) – ‘I wish I’d have seen that!’

Amy Carter (GBR-85 Tabou / Gaastra) – ‘Full respect for being able to do it, but why would you want to? Give me a nice little 70l wave board any day’

John Skye (K-57 F2 / North) – ‘Didn’t see it, but for sure if you live somewhere with good waves and no wind, it would be perfect’

Anne-Marie Reichman (H-98, Naish/ Naish) – ‘Hell yeah... Having fun on any kind of board is great. But my 65 liter Naish works good for me!’

2. Skinny Masts. For men or mice?

Scott McKercher – ‘Totally necessary. I go down the ‘Mine shaft’ way to many times not to have ‘em…’

Ross Williams – ‘If it works use it. No one likes swimming with broken masts’

Ricardo Campello (V-111, JP/ Neil Pryde) – ‘I use normal masts for mice!’

Matt Pritchard – ‘For anybody. Man or mouse’

Finian Maynard – ‘They’re for men - you sail longer’

Anne-Marie Reichman – ‘Skinny masts are ‘da bomb!’

Amy Carter - ‘For girls!’

Robby Swift (K-89, JP/ Neil Pryde) – ‘They have their place in the really big waves, but for normal sailing, I think that the performance gains from using a normal mast are too high to be ignored’

John Skye – ‘’For Mice!’

Nik Baker – ‘Mice…’

Josh Angulo – ‘They’re for people who want performance and don’t want to break their mast every go-out’

Karin Jaggi - ‘For Men and women – they rule!’

3. PWA Overall title. Yes or No?

Josh Angulo – ‘Does it matter?’

Anne-Marie Reichman – ‘Of course an overall is great... But not many people do all disciplines. So it would be a small group of over all…’

Xavier Huart – ‘If there was more money to do it?’

Matt Pritchard – ‘Nah. There’re too many specialists’

Finian Maynard – ‘No, the sport has become too specialist. I know of only Taty Frans who actively does all the disciplines’

Amy Carter – ‘Hell yeah!’

Laure Treboux – ‘Yes for sure’

Karin Jaggi – ‘Yes – for the fun to see some of the guys struggle!’

Dan Ellis – ‘No. These days it would be like having a ball games overall world championships’

John Skye – ‘Don’t get me started. We’ve discussed this for hours at the PWA Management board meetings! Still, we get nice sandwiches though!’

Robby Swift – ‘Yes yes yes!’

4. Long harness lines? Do they rule or are they for fools?

Laure Treboux – ‘They definitely rule’

Robby Swift – ‘Great! You gotta love long harness lines.’

Nik Baker – ‘I use 28’s’

Scott McKercher- ‘Me too’

Anne Marie Reichmann – ‘22’s are long enough for me! Any longer and I can’t sail!’

Dan Ellis – ‘Try Pozo on a slalom board with short lines and see who’s the fool!’

Antoine Albeau (F-192 Starboard / NeilPryde) -'Long harness lines are for chickens'

John Skye – ‘They rule. Not sure about taking them to the extreme though. I guess whatever you are used to. If it works, it works!!’

Xavier Huart – ‘Good for fishing when no wind’

Antxon Otaegui (E-169, JP/ NeilPryde) – ‘As long as you can find them anywhere’

Karin Jaggi – ‘They rule – just check out who still uses short ones...’

Finian Maynard – ‘They rule. Try sailing in 50-knots with short ones!’ Enough said…

© PWA / Brian McDowell