A Day in the Life of…Silvia Alba


Silvia Alba (E-67) hails from Tarifa, Spain and in recent years has grown into a fierce competitor. Renowned for her powerful and fluid style in both waves and freestyle, she is a force to be reckoned with in the increasingly difficult PWA women’s scene. Silvia tells us her regime for training and success.

On a typical day I normally I wake up at 09:00 am, have a little breakfast and then go to beach. If the conditions are good for freestyle or waves, I’ll sail for about two hours or so. Later, after some lunch and a "power" coffee its time for session two! In the evenings I’ll be online taking care of my admin, as well as doing some stretch exercises with my personal trainer, before going out to buy some things for dinner.

If the conditions are bad for sailing, I’ll get on with some other things at home or go shopping with my friends. But, in the afternoon, I’ll do special training for about two hours (run, swim, stretch etc.) I train normally with my coach, doing different things, not the usual gym exercises, as we prefer using a Pilate’s machine, which is really good for windsurfing, and a great combination between stretching and strength.

During events I keep it simple, and stay super focused. I like to wake up early and go bed early, and save all my energy for the heats. I’ll also be sure to watch a lot of other heats and to learn from the best.

I don’t have any outside jobs or business interests, but I have in mind a business at home in Tarifa. Right now I am  re-building my apartment and  windsurf as much as I can - nothing special, but I don’t like  the stressful lifestyle!

Competition has not really taken any enjoyment from my sailing. I like the competition, you get a good feeling being with the best, and constant motivation to improve all the time. 

I’ve got a trainer and a manager/main sponsor in PJT Canarias Team, but no real help with managing my finances. I have to recalculate my budgets constantly because at the end of the month I have an empty refrigerator and the van has no petrol!

I spend most of my time at home in Tarifa during winter, but I  also try to go to other places, like  Brazil, Maui, Portugal, Morocco, and of course in Pozo Izquierdo during spring and summer! In my opinion there is no comparison between working and windsurfing, and the great days in the water are the best in the world, especially if you share them with your best friends.

Mucha Gracias Silvia

© PWA / Brian McDowell