A day in the Life of…Boujmaa Guilloul


Morocco’s Boujmaa Guillol (M-3 Starboard / Severne) turned many heads at his debut event, the Jeep Hawaii Pro back in April 2004. Snapped up by Starboard and Severne, the radical young innovator has worked hard to raise his competitive standard near to that of his freesailing prowess - making him an even bigger threat for the future on the PWA wave sailing scene. Boujmaa wrote in to give us a flavour of his day-to-day approach from his home beach Moulay Bouzerqtoun.


Back home, I windsurf whenever its possible, and if it's bad for windsurfing I kite surf, although if the waves are better for surfing I’ll go for it.  I’m lucky not to have any jobs or business interests outside of windsurfing, so that means I can also do a little bit of training off the water, which for me means a little cycling and a bit of jogging. I stay in Morocco for most of the time to train, as most of my trips are for photo stories or competition, so its all about time on the water for me as I’m kinda too lazy to go for a long distance run and 2000 push ups every single morning! When there’s absolutely nothing else to do, I’m on the Internet working on jobs with my sponsors and promotional duties.

At events, if there is wind I’ve been kinda stressed, and pretty much focus on my heats! But so far this year we’ve spent a lot of time waiting for the action so that’s made it a bit more chilled.

My sponsors support me to do the tour, and without a manager I cope perfectly well by myself to have the budget work perfectly for the whole tour and the extra trips.

To be honest when I first started competing I found that competition took a bit of fun from my windsurfing, but now I’m having lot of fun, and I’m always excited about the next event when I finish the other one!  Yeah definitely I always enjoy it now. Even when I lose, I know that I’m learning… That’s important actually, because when you have fun you learn more things, just like when you work hard and you feel it, and your boss tells you how happy he is to have you because you were the best! That how I’d compare Pro windsurfing to having a job!

© PWA / Brian McDowell