Better Late Than Never

Part one of Ricardo Campello's summer in Gran Canaria

Ricardo Campello (Naish / Naish Sails): "It took a while, but here you can see all my best shots from Gran Canaria 2022, shots are from before, during and after the PWA competition, where I ended up 4th place!
At the beginning of the trip I wasn't really happy with my perfomance and it was really hard to adapt to my new gear on super strong wind.
This is the first time I competed with Naish Equipment in Pozo, but by the time it was passing I was feeling better and better!

For the first time in my career we used a sail bigger than 4.5 during the competition in Pozo. The conditions during the event were not the best and it was lottery for everyone, but for the last two days pozo conditions came back !

This is the First Part and soon there will be a 2nd Part 

Hope you Enjoy it !
Thanks once again for my Sponsors :
@Naish Windsurfing 

Filmed and Edited by :  Rafa Soul Art"

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