An Odyssey Begins

Greece’s Evi Tsape (GR-62 Fanatic) made her debut on tour this year and immediately registered an impressive 9th Overall in Freestyle, ahead of many established names, and currently lies 14th in the larger wave fleet, also ahead of experienced competitors. A product of the Moreno Twins Girls Camps, 25 yr old Evi is a tribute to her Spanish mentors, and her competitive drive and ambition are likely to help her climb the ranks further in seasons to come. Here Evi explains what she’s giving up to start a journey she’s never likely to forget in the tough world of The PWA World Tour.

‘I’m not what I’d call a pro windsurfer yet, but I’m certainly hoping to become one! Before the Canarian leg of the tour this summer, I used to work in an IT and Internet Company, but I was missing out a lot on sailing and I couldn’t go on any windsurfing trips. Until now, I’ve mainly been sailing at home in Greece. In the winter here it gets really cold and it’s not so windy, but now having seen how much the girls train during the winter, I’m definitely planning to visit a few places before the 2007 tour starts up.

Since I went on the MTwins Camp and started on the tour I’ve gone freelance and work independently for a consulting company, delivering some projects for their clients. Once I find some more sponsors to finance the cost of my training, I’ll focus exclusively on travelling and training.

I’ve only been to 3 events so far, Pozo, Fuerte and Sylt this year, so I haven’t really established a regular approach to competition yet apart from time on the water, and I don’t do anything besides windsurfing…to be fit for windsurfing you have to windsurf as much as possible…I also do some stretching, but it doesn’t count as training! In Pozo, I was sailing pretty much all day long, unless I had to wait for my heat or wanted to watch other sailors compete. Sadly in Sylt, the whole thing changed, because I had to come up with ways to kill time, since we didn’t have much luck with the wind. But I had time to meet some new people though, which was really good fun, and I learnt a lot there about how the whole scene works.

So far I’ve found competition to be fun, and it hasn’t changed how I feel about windsurfing. Entering contests without having to prove anything to anyone, mainly because I don’t have any sponsors behind me yet, has made life easier. I think the situation changes when there are people EXPECTING you to do well…that’s when you start to get stressed, at least that’s what I’ve seen watching other people at the contests.

All in all I’m glad with the decision I’ve made to choose professional windsurfing over my IT career. There is simply no comparison… A good days sailing is ALWAYS better than a good days work… but I am hoping to make a good days sailing into a good days work!'

Efharisto Evi!

© PWA / Brian McDowell