Freestyle World Champion

Adrien Bosson makes his dream a reality as Frenchman finally gets his hands on the Freestyle World crown

Last month, Adrien Bosson (Fanatic / Duotone / Maui Ultra Fins) was finally able to make his dream a reality, after coming agonisingly close in the past twice before, by securing victory at the Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt to claim his maiden world title. The 31-year-old found himself on the wrong side of the result in 2018 and 2021 to finish the season as the vice-world champion in both instances, and after Jacopo Testa's (AV Boards / Point-7 / AL360) almost perfect run in the final it looked as though the writing might be on the wall again. However, Bosson, dusted himself off, regrouped and then went toe-to-toe with the Italian in a pulsating Super Final in which the two sailors were almost inseperable with just 0.1 of a point between them. After many close calls in the past, this one finally went in the favour of Bosson and we recently caught up with the Frenchman for an interview which you can read below:

Hey Adrien, how’s it going? You’ve had a little bit of time for the news to settle in that you are the 2022 PWA Freestyle World Champion… how does it feel to finally get your hands on the top prize having missed out so narrowly twice before?

"Hi Chris, 

I’m feeling good. After I came back home straight from Sylt, I could celebrate the title here with friends and family, and I went slowly back to my normal life. I got so overwhelmed by all the messages and so many people from my town congratulated me when I saw them at my centre.

Being World Champion was one my dreams when I was a kid starting windsurfing. I did my first PWA during summer 2009 after my high school diploma and I started the full tour in 2012. It has been a long way to get to the top level in freestyle and reaching the podium places. Since 2016 I had my first PWA podium and then the highest hopes came in my mind. So yes it feels so good to get it after trying so hard for so long."

Did you ever start to get a feeling that it may never happen for you? And what were your thoughts heading into Super Final against Jacopo?

"The final day was so stressful as I was waiting on top for the best rider of the day. I had everything to lose and Jacopo everything to win. Conditions were definitely not like in the single elimination with much lighter winds. I always get a bit more stressed when it is light, because the time is running faster, you have less opportunity to send moves, it is more about luck sometimes to get the gust or the ramp and I just prefer power In my sail when I am competing. 

Jacopo was sailing amazing that day, the first final he had a perfect run and it was hard for me mentally to go into the super final. Before the super final I felt like it was a replay of 2018, winning the single in strong winds and losing the double in lighter conditions, but I just thought I have one more chance to go for it. Since I started competing I had so many tight losses and I know that there is always a chance to turn it into winning until the timer is not over. So I just kept doing my run during that heat, it ended up so close and turned my way. I just kept trying and finally it paid off! The taste feels even better as it would have been super hard to get another 2nd."

As always Sylt delivered super demanding Freestyle conditions, but you were one of the sailors who handled those conditions best… do you train a lot in tricky conditions and do you enjoy that kind of challenge?

"When I look back, I always had good fun sailing in Sylt and it is probably the event where I am the more constant and where I had my best results. I like to freestyle in chop and waves, I like strong winds as well. Every tricks feels better and it is much faster and higher. 

I was really surprised to perform that well during the single as the conditions were really difficult and my warm up session was a disaster. As every summer I was working a lot, not much wind and not so much training on and off the water. I had two weeks in September to get back in shape for the upcoming world cup, so I didn’t feel really confident, but somehow I could perform good tricks as soon as the first heat started. I just kept on doing the same runs with big jumps going out and power moves coming in, it was a lot of fun ! With one or two PWA freestyle per year, finally we had proper hardcore conditions. I think last time it I had a fun freestyle event was in 2019… in Sylt ahaha."

How have you been celebrating since Sylt? And what are your plans for the winter?

"Of course and I’m still celebrating ;)

I will stay home until mid December, then I will head down south to have fun around CT. 
I would like to go to the Canaries or Cabo Verde during the winter to do some wave sailing too.

Thanks for the interview and see you guys on the water"

Thanks, Adrien, and congratulations once again!

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