West Side

Morgan Noireaux tucking into some west side nuggets in Maui

Recently a solid swell lit up the west coast of Maui and Morgan Noireaux (JP / NeilPryde / Black Project Fins) was one of the pros who took the opportunity to score some relatively rare west side waves.

Morgan Noireaux: "Scored a really fun swell at one of my favorite spots on Maui. It had been 3 years since we had a proper swell there so I spent the day on the water and was stoked to have Matty there to film with the drone.

Filmed By Matty Schweitzer

Gear used:
@jpaustraliacom  83 Ultimate wave
@NeilPrydeWind 4.5, and 4.7 Combat
@BLACKPROJECTWINDSURFING  14.5 and 9 quad set"

You can see Morgan Noireaux enjoying the west side of Maui @ https://youtu.be/AyEeQKOHIns