The Best of… JC

If anyone's qualified to comment on the best action in Windsurfing its likely to be a photographer. Who better then to tell us about how good tour life is than regular PWA snapper John ‘JC’ Carter? Whether he’s right in the impact zone, on a boat, hanging out of a chopper or perched on a cliff top in the blazing sun, JC’s sense of timing and eye for radical action is second to none – except perhaps when his lens is distracted by the odd bikini on the beach! Here’s Carters take on some of the greatest aspects of the Pro windsurfing scene. Go Shooter!


The Best..

Thing about being British is: The seasonal weather, English beer, Tea, our sense of humour and our history!

About being a photographer is: Whatever the given day...there’s always a new challenge to capture the best action or moments. It’s also very satisfying when a magazine puts together a decent looking layout from one of my features. A lot of my friends say I usually miss the best stunt of the it’s nice when occasionally I do manage to capture a magic moment!

Thing about being on tour: I enjoy working with the PWA crew and meeting all the sailors again. Every time we rock up to an event you get to see all your friends from all over the world. I like to travel so when the tour visits a new destination that can be fun too.

Party I went to recently: Most recent party that went off was on the Isle of Tiree in Scotland. We go up there every year for the British wave championships and there is only one pub! For some reason everybody ends up drinking more than usual and the bar usually ends up in a wild state by the end of the night! 

Travelling companions are: Myself, Timo Mullen and Scott McKercher make a pretty decent trio. We recently went up to Gnarloo in Western Australia camping. Despite having a really crap tent, no fridge and a shark attack, we had a lot of laughs and a trip to remember!

Looking ladies are in: I should say the Isle Of Wight but I seem to remember California being loaded with hot chicks! 

Day on tour ever:
Hmmm...The end of the Canaries tour this summer! After twenty seven days in a row of taking photos all day long I was ecstatic when it was finally over!

Place to party: Gran Canaria and Sylt are both pretty hard to beat! Gran Canaria has the PIT and Holidays whilst Sylt has the party tent and the American Bar!

Session I can remember: Best sailing session I can recall was the Polakow versus Angulo final in Maui a few years ago. I only got to see one of the finals because I was in a helicopter...but the guys were going off!

Destination for a trip: I like Chile... I’ve been there the last two years in December and am off there again this year! Incredible scenery, excellent conditions, friendly people and always an adventure!

Local spot at home: Two spots...Ventnor and Niton on the Isle of Wight. On their day both can be pretty sick for wave sailing but it’s rare that there is anyone around to sail them!

Windsurf shot I’ve ever seen: There’s too many to choose from, but I like shots with amazing action and incredible scenery. 

Windsurf shot I’ve ever taken: Again I probably couldn’t choose one, but my most recent favourite was from this year of Ross Williams sailing in front of the Needles on the Isle Of Wight! We had to hire a boat and wait for the perfect forecast. It was a bit of a mission so when we did get some decent shots there was a real element of satisfaction!

Windsurf film I’ve ever seen: The Robby Naish RIP wasn’t bad! But I think Levi Siver’s new movie could be the one though!

Juniors I’ve seen recently: Conner Baxter and Jaeger Stone are both pretty impressive. For sure these guys are going to be amongst the big names of the future if somebody gives them the right support!

Place on tour:
Gran Canaria is always dependable for action...but as I’m currently sitting on a plane home from The Aloha Classic in Hawaii, so I’m going to have to say Maui!

Windsurfer in the world is: Naish as a legend, Dunkerbeck for his achievements, Albeau and Buzianis for their hard work, Nik Baker as a professional, Boujamaa, Victor Fernandez and Kauli Seadi for being radical and Goya, McKercher, Angulo, The Pritchard’s and Polakow for out and out hardcore wavesailing!

Thanks JC!

© PWA / Brian McDowell