The Best of… Levi Siver


25-yr old Maui –resident Levi Siver (USA-0 Starboard / NeilPryde) is one of the world’s best and most respected wave sailors. His unique riding style blends fluidity and power that creates an awesome display of both carving and aerial projection. Levi, an accomplished traveller, big wave addict and tow-surfer, is heavily involved in the Poor Boyz productions ‘The Windsurfing Movie’ project, and also placed 4th at the recent PWA Aloha Classic. A quality rider who’s got as good a chance as any of the top crew to win a world title one of these days, fun loving Levi gives us his take on the upsides of pro life.


The Best…

Thing about being an American is: It's the land of opportunity and I have a lot of respect the way our forefathers laid the foundation of our government.

Thing about being on tour is: Challenging yourself.

Party I went to recently: My girlfriend’s birthday party

Board I’ve ever ridden: They all have a special ride to them. It's hard to say which ones the best.

Travelling companions: People who don't stress and who aren't selfish.

Looking ladies are in: Hawaii for sure!

Day on tour ever: The PWA contest in Mexico because people were excited to go somewhere new and it brought everyone together.

Result I’ve had this year: 4th in Maui and 9th Portugal

Training outside of windsurfing: Surfing and Tow-in surfing.

Place to party:  I like gatherings with friends at barbecues after sailing I don't like clubs very much.

Session I can remember: Two days ago at Ho'okipa was all time!

Destination for a trip: I love Cape Verde. I just can't get enough...

Local spot at home: S-turns

Windsurf shot I’ve ever seen: Robby Naish Gaastra poster of him bottom turning on a 50 footer on Oahu somewhere.

Windsurf film I’ve ever seen: The first Polakow movie

Juniors I’ve seen recently: Jaeger, that Australian kid and Kai Lenny.

Place on tour: Maui, Hawaii (laughs!!!)

Mahalo Levi!

© PWA / Brian McDowell