All I want for Christmas is… Part 3


As the clock ticks down to the holiday break, more pros tell us what they’ve asked Santas little helpers to load onto the sleigh this year.



A windsurfing product or accessory that every windsurfer should ask for as a Christmas present:

John Skye (K-57 F2 / North) ‘The North Power XT extension. An amazing toy. It not only makes rigging easy but also allows tuning of the sail on the water’

Laure Treboux (SUI-4 Naish / Naish): ‘A plane ticket to some windy, wavy and warm place’

Kevin Pritchard (USA-3 Starboard / MauiSails) ‘A Maui Sails wave boom. This boom rips! Any windsurfer would love you forever if you got it for them’

Dan Ellis (GBR-52 Fanatic / Naish): ‘A caddy - so you can rock up at the beach and have all your gear ready for you… sweet!’

A Dream Christmas sailing session?

My best Christmas session would have to be a classic south coast UK day with all the boys. Missed the best November in history and would love to score it for Christmas. Logo high, 4.5m, starting cross on and swinging around to side shore’

Laure Treboux: ‘A good day in Western Australia, long logo high waves with side offshore winds, on my 4.5 Session and 60l wave board. Warm water, boardshorts... With just my best mates and boyfriend on the water. A late freestyle session after that, and this would look similar to one the best session of my life!’

Dan Ellis: ‘I’ll be in North Wales, so my only hope is that its above freezing and that Hells mouth is going off!

Kevin Pritchard: ‘I would like to go sailing here on Maui in good conditions. The wind and waves here have been so bad, at this point I will take just about anything’

A new trick or manoeuvre you’d like to complete for Christmas:

Kevin Pritchard:’ Err I don’t know…’

Dan Ellis: ‘Goita, and its looking like a perfect Cape Town day so I’d better get cracking’

Laure Treboux: ‘Shaka!’

John Skye: ‘Backside and frontside 360’s with consistency, both tacks!!’

A Christmas wish:

John Skye: ‘World peace would be wonderful, but from a “me, me, me” selfish point of view, I hope that I get great conditions wherever I go’

Kevin Pritchard: ‘For another season like I had this year!!’

Laure Treboux: ‘ Peace and happiness’

Dan Ellis: ‘For my mate Jackson not to land a Goita first… and world peace of course!!!!’

© PWA / Brian McDowell