Head to Head – Campello Vs. Swift

Two of the sports greatest young talents in freestyle and waves are teammates Ricardo Campello (V-111 JP / NeilPryde) and Robby Swift (K-89 JP / NeilPryde). At 21 and 22 years old respectively these two are great friends as well as great rivals, and always keen to try and out perform the other. With natural skill in abundance, both of these competitors are capable of learning tricks really quickly which has been know to infuriate other sailors who’ve trained long and hard in secret to perfect them under wraps. Who better then than Robby and Ricardo to give us a take on their encounters on the PWA battlefields?


What are his strengths?

Ricardo: ‘He’s super consistent and can pull stuff off out of nowhere - even some stuff that he can't do normally’

Robby:’ He is probably the most talented windsurfer in the world at the moment!’

What are his weaknesses?

Robby: ‘ I haven't found any yet!’

Ricardo: ‘His foot is pretty week!’

How many times have you beaten him or lost to him?

Robby: ‘I think that I have beaten him more times in the waves but he has definitely beaten me more in the freestyle. I haven't had an actual wave heat against him but I think that in Freestyle, he has beaten me in 3 or 4 heats and I have beaten him just once. Obviously in the overall freestyle, he has beaten me every time!’

Ricardo:’ I cant really remember exactly, but what I can remember is that 2 years ago on one of the final freestyle heats I had against him we both sailed unbelievably - but I had the best hit of my career. In fact I was so impressed with my heat that I even took the score sheet and put in on my wall! All 5 judges gave me 10's for originality, difficulty, and style - and swift was pretty close as well!’

What do you think when you see you’ve drawn him on the ladder?

Robby: ‘Uh Oh.... I can probably get to about that heat (which ever heat he is in), and then I will have to wait for the double elimination!’

Ricardo: ‘I just try to sail the best I can against whoever I’ve drawn, as sometimes its even better not to know who you have’

Why is he hard to beat?

Robby: ‘He really turns it up in competition’

Ricardo: ‘Because he is super consistent and can do all the moves on both tacks’

Over time have you had a particularly lucky or unlucky tour stop against this guy?

Robby: ‘Nope, all the stops are pretty even’

Ricardo: ‘ummm... cant remember!’

What conditions favour him more than you?

Robby: ‘He is definitely much better than me in lighter winds. I can normally somewhat hold my own if it is windy and wavy but if it is flat and light, he pretty much gets me every time in the Freestyle. I am sure that he will be one to watch in the waves soon too if this last Aloha Classic is anything to go by!’

Ricardo: ‘To be honest I think he prefers the same conditions as me’

© PWA / Brian McDowell