Movers and Shakers…

A quick round up of the latest news from the main teams as they re-shuffle their players in the traditional January transfer period.


Mistral and Gaastra have some great news in that they have a new star team rider for 2007 onwards. Top –10 Wave sailor and freestyler Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (BRA 105) has signed with the these two classic windsurfing brands, who between them have perhaps more history of professional windsurfing success than any other combination.

Brawzinho, aged just 17, attracted a huge amount of interest from the major players, and so Mistral and Gaastra have come out on top of the bidding war for his outstanding talents. Despite his age, this young Brazilian is renowned for his instinctive understanding of the development process, and for highly professional approach both on and off the water.

Brawzinho excitedly told us, ‘Yeah, I’ll be riding Gaastra and Mistral from 2007 onwards, which I’m really stoked about and I’m hoping to do a good job!!! I’m looking forward to being totally fit and to tweaking my gear… not only for perfect conditions like we’ll probably see in Cabo Verde… but also places with lighter or onshore and small waves. I will be offering ideas and input into the new products, but I’ll mainly be listening to Nik Baker (Mistral) and to Matt Pritchard (Gaastra), ‘cos clearly they have much more know how than me. The most important thing now is to learn as much as possible from these guys, work out the best combinations for each location, and concentrate hard on the production gear. Both companies are great brands, with many years on top of the market and competition rankings. They both have nice teams and the best equipment, which is gonna help me out greatly during Wave and Freestyle events in any kind of conditions!!!’

Gaastra International Team manager, Matt Pritchard said “I’ve seen a lot of talent in my days as a professional windsurfer, and Brawzinho has shown he has what it takes to win contests and World titles, so I’m really looking forward to working with him”

Marcos Perez (E-7) has joined the Exocet team for 2007. Marcos called in to say ‘I’ve already received my new production boards and the truth is that I can say that from now I will only use production boards which have all the benefits that I need to sail radically and to continue evolving with, power control, fluidity and speed’

F2 have also made a good signing by getting Tenerife based wavesailor Dany Bruch (E-13) on board their programme. Dany turned quite a few heads in 2006 with a solid showing at Pozo and is likely to be a growing force on the scene and for F2.

Top European Freestyler Andreas Olanderson has moved to Fanatic to join their super strong race wave and freestyle team.

Maui Sails wrote in to say that they’re ‘Proud to announce that we are continuing on with the sailors that have taken us to third place in the PWA Sail constructors rankings for 2007. We have only three international team riders doing the events and with such a small team to be that high up in the rankings we are very satisfied.  Taty Frans is an amazing talent along with Sarah Quita ripping it up in the women's and Kevin Pritchard taking the PWA Wave overall we couldn’t ask for more.We’re also really happy about the new TR-3 high performance race sail that is coming out this season. We've been working really hard on it, and Taty and Kevin will be ready to race in 2007. Our booms are also out on the market and we've had some great compliments on them. All in all we’re very grateful for the success in 2006 and we look forward to a bigger and better 2007." Their design team sent us this sneak preview movie clip of the TR-3 here.

One further rumour confirmed is that Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10 has joined the Severne sails team, after suffering a serious injury and undergoing a rigourous recovery programme. Word has it he’s hard at work on the new Code red race sail, and that he will be competing in the full Slalom 42 series in 2007!

Watch this space for more updates as we receive them.

STOP PRESS!!! STOP PRESS!!!  Jonas Ceballos (E-40 Fanatic) has signed for Simmer sails.

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