Hole in One


They say that the sportsman’s sport of choice is golf, and so unsurprisingly many pro windsurfers enjoy a good 18 or 19 holes now and then to relax, get a change of scene, and keep the rivalry and spirit of one-upmanship strong amongst their fellow competitors.


We thought we’d ask a few top names who enjoy a round on a windless day what would be feel better - a hole in one, or a heat sheet with maximum points? Here’s what they said!

Robby Swift (K-89 JP / NeilPryde): ‘I think that a hole in 1 is less common than a full heat sheet! That would probably make it seem more special. A full heat sheet in a final would feel better than a hole in one though! However, a hole in 1 at Kapalua during the Mercedes Open would win you a brand new SL, so I think that that would take some beating!’

Ross Williams (GBR-83 Tabou / Gaastra): ‘Maximum scores for sure! Golf is for fun and windsurfing is the job. A maximum score could mean an event win or the respect of your fellow windsurfers. Anyway, if you did get it, it must mean you are sailing pretty well!’

John Carter (Roving PWA lenseman): ‘Hole in one of course.... its elusive.... I have been trying for four years solid to score a HIO...I am desperate.... getting a whole set of front covers...no problem...hole in one...please god!!!!...I AM DESPERATE!’

Scott McKercher (KA-181 Starboard / Severne): ‘A hole in one? Never had one. But reckon I would flip out if I did. And I’ve never had a perfect heat sheet so I would probably flip out at that too. But if I had to choose between the golf course, and going off conditions, sailing would always win. I haven't lost the plot that much yet!’

Nik Baker (K-66 Mistral / North): ‘I would love to have a heat sheet with maximum points if it meant I was winning the contest with it or if it was in a great location with awesome waves then it could be any heat. If none of the above then a hole in one’

Levi Siver and Jason Polakow didn’t return our calls. But, apparently they’ve been spotted out on the golf course next to Jason's house a lot recently…

© PWA / Brian McDowell