A day in the life of… Benoit Moussilmani

Benoit Moussilmani (F-72 F2 / Simmer) is one of three talented French brothers from the South France who all ply their trade on the PWA word tour. As an all rounder, Benoit competes in Waves, Super-X, and Slalom 42. Injuries forced Benoit’s rankings down in 2006, but he’s certain to be vying for position against his twin Sylvain (F-73 F2 /Simmer), and older brother Cyril (F-71 Fanatic / North) throughout 2007! Is it all work and no play within such a sibling rivalry?


'On a routine day I’ll wake up between 7 and 8am, have breakfast for 15 minutes or so before checking the forecasts and my email. If conditions are good I’ll sail straight away or else I wait ‘til later, and in the meantime I’ll be organizing my equipment and communicating about that and trips with my sponsors.

If there’s no wind at all I like to go mountain biking or surfing with my Brothers.

During events it’s a bit different. I like to be up at least 2 hours before skippers meeting, and around and hour before skippers I'm on the beach preparing my gear so that I only have to worry about giving the best of myself.

If it’s a lay day I’ll go back to the accommodation and work, or hang around and discuss the event and relative stuff with other competitors.

Apart from mountain biking or surfing I don’t train too much off the water, as my total objective in life is to sail to the max – especially against my brothers where sailing is always like a competition!

Off the water I do some other work in promotions. For example I recently organized a special event in Marseille in the waves for a new generation TV show for a limited 10 riders.

I find contests justify my existence, and despite them being super hard they are so much fun. If I’m honest I’d prefer to travel around the world just having fun but that doesn’t pay the bills or develop the best gear!

Right now I’m lucky that it’s windy where I live in Marseille, but otherwise in the off-season I like to train in South Africa or the Canaries.

Being a pro is a job, and there is a lot of work off the water – work that’s important for progress. I’d take a days sailing over a days work, but if you ask me a day with both is the best!'

Merci  Benoit!

© PWA / Brian McDowell