Wanting Professionals to Help Advise the Global Sport of Windsurfing

We're seeking expressions of interest from experienced professionals to become volunteer advisors to the PWA (Professional Windsurfing Association) Management Board. Our sport needs significant strategic change at a global level to help it grow, and we want some strategic, experienced professionals to help guide us in what we need to do.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give back to a sport you love, or to really build your professional career by holding a Management Board advisory role and helping to drive significant strategic change. You'll also get to meet and work alongside windsurf industry brands, professional riders and other passionate professionals from all corners of the world.

We're specifically looking for volunteer people who have at least 10 years professional experience in any one of the following specific areas of expertise.

- CEO/Leadership/Strategic Change

Windsurfing as a global sport really needs some fresh leadership and advice from people who can help to guide or drive strategic change.

- Finance

We'd love someone with an accounting background to help oversee the finances, improve our financial processes and help us find efficiencies in our spend.

- Global PR

We hold visually spectacular, exciting events that probably don't receive as much PR coverage around the world as they should. There's always limited funds, but we need help to find new, efficient ways to deliver global PR outcomes in the modern world.

- Legal

A commercial lawyer could help advise us on our structure, subcontractor arrangements and event contracts.

- Sponsorship/grants.

Do you have a successful track record in securing major event sponsorship, or do you somehow have a good network of potential contacts where you can get a foot in the door for windsurfing sponsorship?

- Junior/Women's Sports Development

We're quite new to these areas, so someone who has experience at developing and implementing programs and sourcing founding for them would be ideal.

Your Tasks

We're wanting smart experienced people to help advise the sport and we want to listen to your advice. We're not expecting you to do work that is normally paid, just help guide and steer us. Specifically, it would be very much appreciated if you were able to participate in a strategic planning session, and then also sit on a relevant sub-committee that advises the Management Board on topics relating to your area of expertise. You'd also be welcome to attend online Board meetings if you wanted. It's also possible that some of these roles may turn into permanent, voting board member positions. We conduct everything online given existing board members are spread throughout the world.

How To Apply

Provide a one-page expression of interest to advisorspwa@gmail.com outlining
- Which area of expertise you specialise in and how many years of experience do you have working in that area
- Why you want to become an advisor in windsurfing
- Your relevant experience that will help you provide solid, strategic advice for the sport of windsurfing.
- Your name, phone and email contact details
- Where you are based (town, state, country).

Please include your CV as an additional attachment.

We'll review the applications as they come in and be in touch with more questions if we think you might be a good fit.
Thank you for your consideration to help our incredible sport.