Radical Re-Winds With Alex Mussolini


Barcelona’s finest wave sailor, 22 yr-old Alex Mussolini (JP / NeilPryde) earned his share of the spotlight at the PWA Cabo Verde World Cup for his valiant aerial attack.


The Argentinean born ripper is also a qualified Pilot, explaining his comfort at height above razor sharp reef, hazardously close to the rocks.

One projection, captured in the PWA gallery by John Carter, seemed unbelievably far in front of the section, and compelled us to give it further attention. Here Alex walks back through it for us.

Do you remember this wave and the smack?

Yeah I can perfectly remember this wave and this bash, and it was during one of the earlier heats against some pretty good guys!! I can remember that the wall was pretty big, and that I knew that I had to go for it! The thing is that over there you can get the biggest airs of your life!!!

Tell us about that picture and that hit?

It’s amazing how the wave in Ponta Preta kicks you back in – and I’m sure that one day someone is going to make the biggest air ever on this wave!!

I’m very happy that JC was in the right place at the right time, so people can
see how powerful this wave actually is.

How high did it feel?

It felt really high - like a big jump at Pozo!! I never fly high but at this
contest there was no way you couldn’t get high!!

What were you feeling up there?

It was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had in my life as a windsurfer!
You are high, so from up there things are a bit scary, like thinking that if you
land wrong you can break your ankles easily, especially as I actually landed way out in the flats!

Why do you think that one punted you so high and forward?

Because the wave at Punta Preta is so freaking powerful!! HAHAHA

How high do you think it is?

The wave was maybe logo high, I really cannot tell how high I was, but it felt high...

Did you even think about letting go?

At a moment like this your mind is thinking about landing that!! But, your body
wants you to let go, so at the end the mind was stronger than the body.

Was that the best air you've ever had?

Nah, I still think my best air was in New Caledonia 2 years ago.

Did you consider doing the back arch air?

Actually no, I had one big air before so I knew I had to do something
different for the people watching at the beach, and it felt so high that I
thought about letting go the front hand, but, it was also so windy that I couldn’t.

Tell us about the back arch air in the photo next to this one!

I personally don’t like this move that much, but at height then it’s
a different story. I knew I had to do something different for the crowds,
and this event was for the show and I think that all the sailors made the
greatest show in windsurfing history!!

I’d like to add that this event was a great success, everyone was really
stoked about the conditions, and everyone involved there helped to
make windsurfing rightfully look like the best sport in the world!!

Gracias Alex!

© PWA / Brian McDowell