Getting Down with the Locals in Sal


After Santa Maria’s most famous resident, Josh Angulo, conquered all at the Cabo Verde World Cup, we thought we’d ask the Islands wildcard entrants, Mitu Monteiro (Fanatic / North), Djo Silva (Fanatic / North), and Titik Lopes (Fanatic / North) their reactions to the PWA circus coming to town.


Now the dust has settled, and the waves a little less crowded, the Ponta Preta locals were more than happy to answer a few questions!

Firstly guys thanks for having us on your beautiful Island and for showing us what amazing waves you have.What did it feel like to have the PWA come to town?

Djo ‘It felt good. We were honoured to have a competition with this high a profile come to Cabo Verde. It was very nice to compete with and meet the best in the world. Thank you very much!’

How do you feel the event went for you all?

Mitu: ‘We all feel that personally it was okay, but we felt we could have done better. I think the nerves of competing in front of so many people and in front of the best in the world affected us. We were nervous, especially as all the people who lived here were also watching. When we have been alone at Punta Preta we feel we have surfed it very good’

How do you think the event affected windsurfing’s history and Cabo Verdian history?

Mitu ‘I think it affected our history a lot as it made people more aware of the island and how good it is to windsurf here. I also think it affected windsurfing history as I think the place for competition is great as it is so close to the people and the waves so big and powerful. I think it was the first of its kind and we are proud it was here’

Have they elected Josh for president yet?

Titik ‘No, but we’ll consider it!’

What did your new sponsors say about the amount of gear that got trashed?

Titik ‘Not much. They were very supportive of us; they know the conditions here and the risks’

What’s the level of interest in windsurfing lessons been like since the event?

Djo ‘Not a huge increase actually. I think we will get more advanced wind surfers here, not more learners’

Who’s gonna win next year?

Mitu ‘We’ve thought a lot about this and think it will be a 3-way tie between the three of us…’


© PWA / Brian McDowell