Fanatic vs. Mistral Soccer Champs on Maui


All the top brands are on Maui right now for photoshoots and vital product testing. The photoshoots are also a great time for the teams to bond, and in this case duke it out between each other. Two big teams on water, Fanatic and Mistral got back on land after a hard days shooting to fight it out in a friendly game of soccer!


What a game, what a night and one of the greatest soccer games of all time. A game which had it all: tragedy, stunning goals, tackling, defense, attack and, of course, a more than deserving winner.

At 5pm the referees Darrell Wrong & Thorsten Indra started the game at the Baldwin Football Stadium Paia, which was obviously completely sold out!

Both teams were nervous and the first couple of had everyone jostling for position, but then suddenly Fanatic player Jonas Ceballos scored the first goal. And from this point on it was a high-speed, forward-oriented soccer game.

Team Fanatic quickly took over the lead with 4 goals. But then the Mistral players finally woke up and scored two nice goals by Vittorio Marcelli and Nik Baker. Despite the Mistral team playing well, Fanatic was always a bit quicker and finally pushed the result to 6:3 after the first half.

Once the second half started you could see and feel that the Mistral team was more organised than in the 1st half and were more of an equal partner. The first 10 minutes of the second half were hard man on man fights with nice twists, aerials and flips.

Unfortunately Mistral lost two of their best players, Nik Baker and Vittorio Marcelli, who were replaced by loan transfer signings, JP’s Kevin Mevissen and Alex Mussolini. These 2 new players, in combination with Marcilio Browne and Matt Pearch in midfield launched wave after wave of attack on the Fanatic team. Craig Gertenbach, Sebastian Wenzel and an on-fire Nayra Alonso were strong in the Fanatic defence with video man Carsten Naumann doing a great job as goalkeeper.

In the mid-field Klaas Voget and Ben Proffitt (Most Valuable Player of the game) played soccer from another planet and scored quite a lot of goals in the second half, which Mistral couldn’t stop despite great efforts, (although Brazilian player Marcilio Browne showed why Brazil has won already 5 World FIFA Championships).

In the end Fanatic Int. highly deserved the win of the 1st Windsurfing World Soccer Championship Congratulations guys, well done! Perhaps next year there’ll be a full inter-brand tournament of all the PWA members, including the sail brands, and hopefully a lot of cheerleaders.

Final Score: Fanatic 12 Mistral 4

Mahalo from Team Fanatic & Team Mistral

Fanatic Team:
Craig Gertenbach (Brand Manager)
Sebastian Wenzel (Shaper)
Carsten Naumann (Filmer)
Nayra Alonso (GC-4)
Jonas Ceballos (E-40)
Klaas Voget (G-4)
Cyril Moussilmani (F-71)
Arnon Dagan (ISR-1)
Victor Fernandez (E-42)
Ben Proffitt (K-800)
Dan Ellis (GBR-52)

Team Mistral:
Markus Steininger (Brand Manager)
Donald Scholz (Marketing Manager)
Mark Nelson (Shaper)
Nik Baker (Product Manager) (Replaced by JP/Pryde's Kevin Mevissen)
Matt Pearch
Marcilio Browne
Gabriel Browne
Diony Guadagnino
Vittorio Marcelli (Replaced by JP/Pryde's Alex Mussolini)
Rob Warwick