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04/17/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

Butterfly Effect- Maui 2007

Tatiana Howard (Naish /Naish) and Juliana Farias wrote in to tell us about the great event they just organized in Maui for PWA ladies and amateurs alike.

‘What’s the Butterfly Effect?  It’s when a group of beautiful and ecstatic women flutter by with their colorful sails and bikinis and bright smiles.  Not to mention, the charming sound of laugher and giggles left in the wind.

Recently, I noticed many events held for windsurfers have been for men only.  It was time for us ladies to get together and show that we are just as active and passionate about our water sports.

This gave me an idea to do an event exclusively for women, all for fun, all for free, and all water women who can go down wind were welcome.  AND… no competition or race involved!  All for one and one for all! We were there together to enjoy, support and celebrate our accomplishments!

Here on Maui, Hawaii the down wind coast-run of the North Shore happened on a beautiful windy Sunday, April 15, 2007.  My friend Juliana Farias (Naish / Naish) and I organized this event to take part from Ho’okipa to Kanaha.  A group of ladies enjoyed the most out of Mauis water action; from young teenagers to women in their fifties, from Brazilians to Canadians and all in between, from girls working on water starts and jibes to girls working on back loops and forwards.

We had two kite surfers charging with the high winds and also one stand up paddle boarder joined us on the adventure. Beginning with a group warm up stretch we then applauded as each of us, one by one, entered the shore break of Ho’okipa.  Using a buddy system, the more experienced helped those with less experience. Also, a jet ski was on patrol along with a cameraman to catch the action.

After being on the water for about 2 hours with the high winds and waves we were good and ready to come in at Kanaha where Flat Bread Pizza Company in Paia donated and delivered ten large gourmet pizzas! Super cute backpacks and t-shirts from Dakine and Naish were donated surprise gifts for all the ladies.

It was an awesome event that established more camaraderie and support among all of us water women.  We look forward to doing it annually and hope if you didn’t come this year, you will join us for the next!

Much Aloha,

Tatiana Howard 

Thanks to all the sponsors, Eyal Shelf (jet ski driver), Dan (photographer) and friends who helped make it happen.

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