Graham Ezzy on Quatro

Young Maui-based ripper Graham Ezzy (Quatro) recently signed for board brand Quatro after being noticed for his radical style, and his lust for innovation and development of equipment.


Graham, aged just 17 already has a handful of PWA events under his belt and is hungry to go on tour full time. With a strong pedigree in the sport and his famous fathers reputation for technical advancements, the signature USA-1 sail number could be appearing more frequently at the top of the wave rankings in years to come. Graham, upbeat beyond belief about his contract, called in to explain how it all came about, and what his plans are for the future.

‘Over the last three years, Keith Teboul has refined the art and science of making windsurfing boards. Last November during the Aloha Classic, I was having trouble with my old boards, so I called Keith to see if I could try some Quatros. On the water, the boards transitioned perfectly from the bottom turn to the cutback, so I was able to flow through my carves much more smoothly. Over the next few months, we worked out a deal, and now I’m a member of Quatro International team!

The deal really means a lot to me. I take pride in the equipment I ride. I was already on great sails, and now I’m on the what are, in my opinion, the best boards in the world, and I just have to help spread the word.

Being a dedicated wave brand, their boards turn easily, quickly, and tightly. My first day on the Wave 69 was perfect mast to mast-and-half Ho’okipa, and I landed 8 wave 360s - two of which were on the same wave. It was one of the best sessions of my life.

Competition-wise I’m interested in the following disciplines: waves, waves, and waves. For me it’s all about turning hard and vertically on shapes that allow me to push things further.

For 2007, I’ll compete on the PWA wave tour. This year is stacking up to be the best year yet, and I don’t want to miss out. My goal is to be in the top 10, but like everyone else, I play to win. With the new gear and lots of training over the next few years, I truly think I stand a chance at winning the title'

Many Mahalo’s Graham.

© PWA / Brian McDowell