A Third Time at Girl Camp


The dominant competitive force that is the Moreno twins has a softer, selfless side that involves them giving their experience and know-how to future women’s competitors.


Now in its third season, the camp recently ran successfully once more in Tenerife, and was once again fully booked with girls eager to learn from champions Daida Moreno (North), and Iballa Moreno (North).

Daida explains ‘The idea of the Camp originally came from Roxy. We’ve now had the honor several times of experiencing the joy of being together with so many surfer girls sharing what we like the most; the water, and having lots of fun going hard’

So one day Iballa and I thought about trying to put it together and make it special for Windsurfing Girls. Now, after this third edition, we feel pretty stoked with the results. The first time was in Fuerteventura with 26 girls, the second time in Tenerife with 36 and this time with 50 in Tenerife once again.

We had 5 days of pure teaching and on-water action, and 2 days of visiting the island and messing about on the sand while exercising, having yoga classes almost every morning with Anne Marie and even a bit of surfing, plus watching windsurfing videos during the night.

It was by far the most fun and magic week I had for a long time, meeting lots of girls, sharing windsurfing experiences together, and the most important thing, having lots of fun.

Thanks to Roxy, VW and Caja Canarias and many others who collaborated on this project such as North Sails and Fanatic, and we hope our windsurfing girls community will soon grow around the World, and we hope that these girls will take this experience home and share it with even more’

Iballa adds: ‘These kind of events encourage the girls to go sailing and try more moves, stay together and motivated and have fun also! So, I think it has been a perfect combination.

This is the third year in a row and every time I believe its more complete and fun, thanks to the sponsors and support from North Sails and Fanatic as the windsurfing brands and also Roxy, VW and Caja Canarias.

Daida and I will try to something like this every year because we enjoy to see the girls faces after their first jibe, forward loop or wherever they try! Surrounded by professional sailors like Anne Marie Reichmann (Naish / Naish) Nayra Alonso (Severne / Fanatic), and Silvia Alba I believe it’s the best thing it could happen to all of them¨.

There is a great collection of images from the camp available by PDF here.

© PWA / Brian McDowell