PWA Welcome Da Kine Aboard

Leading accessory brand Da Kine have pledged their commitment to the sport of windsurfing by signing-up as Associate Corporate Sponsors.


Da Kine have a long heritage in the sport, and now become the first non-hardware brand to back the World Tour and the elite professional arena.

Bill Morrissey, Da Kine’s Head of Windsurfing spoke excitedly about the new partnership.
‘I see the PWA making great headway in helping to re-develop the sport of windsurfing into mainstream activity it once was.

Da Kine feels really good about this, and it’s been a long time coming.  Da Kine has been the number 1 windsurf accessory company for since the inception of the sport, but it’s been tough for us to justify such a partnership until now.

We see the PWA as an association that seems to be back on the right track and heading into a positive direction.  Our vision is of the PWA growing and increasing awareness of our sport to the masses.  Windsurfing always has been, and still is one of the most photogenic, exhilarating and exciting sports in the world, and sharing that with as many people as possible appears to be their goal.

Watching them thinking out of the box, going out on a limb and off the beaten path to somewhere like Cabo Verde, and ending up having one of the best contests of all time makes me feel great hope for our sport. In my opinion there is still no better arena than Ho’okipa, but searching out new places, new events and mixing them in with long-standing events should bring more sponsors, more money and ultimately more participants to our sport.

Young windsurfers like Kai Lenny (Naish / Naish) and Connor Baxter (North / Starboard) need to have something to aspire to, and to dream of becoming world champion of a sport that has hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The kids are our future, and giving them something to aim for is what will drive them. Here’s to the rest of a fantastic season and Da Kine is looking forward to a long and happy relationship with the PWA’

Rich Page, The PWA Tour Manager said, ‘We really appreciate this type of support and are confident of proving a worthy investment to Da Kine, and all of our backers as the sport enters a new era. Year on year the tour is growing with more and more new locations and a standard of competition higher than previous seasons ever would have thought conceivable. Thanks to Da Kine, we can develop our profile and the sports image to a wider audience, and aim for a even greater future’

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