Ocean Flow / Drive

Aussie powerhouse Scott McKercher (Starboard / Severne) and his free-spirited companion, the photographer Margareta Engström, have released a stunning new Book and DVD package.


The image-heavy, coffee table-style book is laden with images taken by Margareta, and the disc crammed full of footage shot by Scott on his accidental tourist trail.

Two lucky Online purchasers are also in with a shout of winning a Severne sail and Starboard board! Over to Scott and Margareta on how the project came about.

‘With Drive, for me, it's about wanting to share the extraordinary moments; both Windsurfing and culturally, that I get to see on my travels. It's also the hope to inspire others to get out there and do the same I suppose.

What has been known for a long time, but visualized, through the process of making “Ocean Flow/ Drive”, is that there’s a lot more to the whole sports experience than just the windsurfing itself.

The lifestyle and the culture is something to focus on. It's also something for people to crack a coldy and enjoy with ya mates to get frothing, go windsurf and travel.

I'd been collecting footage here and there for a while and produced a couple of clips, with the idea to produce something and I was on the phone to Margareta in the Canaries saying that I had just come out of the water filming a bit. She just kinda off-the-cuff said, hey I could put that together for you.

Anyway, when I got back, there was a trip to Sumbawa and she was keen to come up and film, although it was a super last minute decision because of her Uni obligations.

From that point on the project sort of developed it's own personality, and with Margarita's drive behind it, things got done that I would never have gotten around to doing.

At some point I was driving back down to Margaret River and it just kind of hit me how obvious it was that these two things are of a similar nature and should be sold as one. Then, over the last summer her book and the film evolved some more to a point where we thought it was ready to be shared’

Margareta: ‘For me, the whole project started off as a photographic essay for university. The result ended up being pretty good, and I had people contacting me, wondering when it was going to get published and if they could be the distributors. I suppose it was still a long way to go from that stage to the final product, and when Scotty suggested working together and merging our two ideas into one; I agreed, and thought it sounded like a fun idea - after all, it does takes two for a party, yeah?!

The DVD has been more or less like a shoestring project, where one thing leads to another and in the end you tie everything together. It gave us possibilities to freely develop whatever crossed our minds without being bound to too many pre-written rules and obligations.

I suppose, without sounding too clichéd, the beauty with the project is the pureness and true representation of why people bring the sport to their hearts. It is also blending into the ultimate peak of wave riding when the elite of windsurfers are gathered together and the level of performance has gone through the roof’

Scott: ‘As for making a movie, I reckon it's just a whole lot of fun putting all these images to music to produce a certain vibe or feeling that most captures each location with hope that it's a little bit entertaining and inspiring’

Margareta: ‘Well, living in an environment that offers the opportunity to explore a coastline providing epic conditions almost all year around made me want to share the moments of joy. Together and with good friends whom all share a passionate spirit, we pushed our limits and went beyond the boundaries of what is known. The photos replicate the moments you could experience if you let yourself flow freely, and giving you a sudden insight of the soul of an outdoor sport.

Our influences? Well, Max Pam, the photojournalist influenced me, Dustin Humphrey- travel photographer, Taylor Steel – director/producer, and Jack McCoy.

Scott: ‘I have to say I've always been a Jack McCoy fan when it comes to surf films. Just really like his taste in music accompanying the style that he edits. Incorporating a bit of humor with savoring life’s interesting and beautiful moments. (The Green Iguana and Bunyip Dreaming from the early 90's in particular, and the Occumentory a little later).

Ocean Flow/ Drive is different to a lot of other flicks out there at the moment, just pretty diverse in a lot of senses. I think it's more about the complete picture and not just about the action. Not to say that it's thin on action, but there's so much more to be seen and experienced in all these places which is what we've attempted to convey. (It also keeps ya non-windsurfing wife/girlfriend interested to watch a flick as well!!).

The locations are also more varied. Of course there are the staples of Hawaii, Gran Canaria and so on, but there's definitely some waves in the book and film that you won't be able to figure out where they are.

First of all it will be available over the internet at www.oceanflows.com There will be distributors in the US Japan and Europe, but we're still to send out to see who will be taking it on. So it'll probably be a couple of months before it's available in those countries themselves. We're only getting our hands on the book at the end of this month. If you buy over the net, you have a chance to win either a Starboard (Wave or freeride), or a Severne Sail (Wave or freeride)

© PWA / Brian McDowell