Interview with Peter Volwater

Q: Many are rating you as one of the main contenders for the overall wave title this year...what do you say to that?


PV: I feel confident that I can do well

Q: Many are rating you as one of the main contenders for the overall wave title this year...what do you say to that?

PV: I feel confident that I can do well, but I take it one event at a time. My focus is definitely on Pozo right now, and I'm trying to get in optimal mental & physical shape. If we get the radical conditions, there will be fireworks on the water, to push the limits further.


Q: What did you get up to this winter?

PV: I celebrated New Year at home in the Netherlands with friends and family and left to Western Australia for the month of January. Over there I trained port tack wave sailing while having the time of my life. I feel very at home in the Aussie way of live and the laid back attitude. It was a very mellow way to start of a hectic year of traveling. In February I left to South Africa and it was incredible to check out the forecast from W.A. to see a big swell forecast for the day of my arrival. We surfed Elands Bay and sailed Scarborough point mast high, all in the first 2 days I was there. It unfolded to be 3 weeks of great wave sailing -jumping high wind conditions as well as lots of wave riding, surfing (Jeffery's bay dawn patrol, first time!), traveling & adventure with my Dutch friends who were there on holiday and my SA friends that live there.


Q: What does a typical day in Maui consist of for you?

PV: Windsurfing (training, testing and/or photo shoot) developing boards with Peter Thommen

Coffee at Starbucks or fruit cocktail at Jamba Juice gym, 4/5 days a week average 1,5 hour per day, proper food intake and the reward of a protein shake afterwards, surfing, swimming, biking, tennis or golf - I like being active beyond fitness and windsurfing, meet up with the boyz, cruise by for a laugh, dinner usually at Paia fish market or Jacques - occasionally cooking up a good meal. Wednesday night Jacques, Casanova and then Bjorn's - before he turned 30!

Friday night for a whiskey at Jacques!

Q: Are you a party animal?

PV: When there is something to celebrate (the good life that we lead is not so often a reason anymore). I try to maintain for the boyz that are dropping out!


Q: What’s your favourite move right now and why?

PV: Double forward, because it's a hardcore move and you get a good rush out of it!

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

PV: I watch Jason Polakow; he's really 1 level up from the rest when it comes to wave riding, Robby is a good example how to get as much out of the wave as possible. The Angulo's are the most stylish and innovative in the sport, I reckon Scott Mckercher is my biggest influence; we sail a lot together in WA. Stephen Van Den Berg used to be a big influence in my drive to get further.

Q: Words to live by?

PV: Live your dreams, focus on your goals with determination - enjoy not only the endpoint but especially the road that leads you there.

Q: If you could use three words to describe yourself what would they be?

PV: Fun, Loving, Criminal.

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