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The Addiction intensifies

Fanatic's wave star Fernandez

Top women's wave rider Nayra Alonso

08/09/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

Addicted to Ride 3

Fanatic Proudly Presents: Addicted to Ride 3!

The Addiction to Ride just keeps getting stronger! In the third edition of the successful Addicted to Ride series, Fanatic visit some well known windsurfing paradises like Maui and El Yaque, plus some hot new spots like Norway, Chile, South Africa and Cabo Verde.

Watch the Fanatic International Windsurfing team with Guincho & Pozo Wave Champ Victor Fernandez ripping some great waves across the globe, whilst the Freestyle team led by 2006 PWA Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo pulls out all the latest freestyle tricks in El Yaque.

And the slalom/freeride team shows that going fast and freeriding is still one of the most fun things to do on a windsurfing board! Filmed with multiple camera perspectives, including helicopter and onboard cameras, the action is captivating, with great lifestyle and locations!

There’s also a sub menu with a special product presentation on our new 2008 board range by Shaper Sebastian Wenzel and Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach, plus a download section with their new 07-08 brochure in 3 languages and best action pictures from Maui and El Yaque.

The DVD is due out with all 2008 Fanatic boards, in and in a Fanatic dealer near you around Mid August. You can see the trailers for a taste of what's to come here.

Fanatic Riders Featured: Andreas Olandersson (NeilPryde), Arnon Dagan (NeilPryde), Ben Proffitt (Simmer), Cheo Diaz (North), Craig Gertenbach, Cyril Moussilmani (North), Dan Ellis (Naish), Gollito Estredo (North), Jonas Ceballos (Simmer), Klaas Voget (NeilPryde), Nayra Alonso (Severne), Pieter Bijl (NeilPryde), Remko De Weerd (Gaastra), Sebastian Wenzel, Victor Fernandez (Simmer), Yoli de Brendt (North)


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