Double Vision

Twin Cams Go Live on Maui's North Shore

The North Shore of Maui is seeing double!  The ever popular now has TWO cameras running during daylight hours HST.  Visitors can now choose between the famous Kanaha Uppers reef and the original Camp One views.

The new site also features real time streaming video from both cams.  The crew have spent months tuning the new equipment to provide the very best images on the internet and it certainly has paid off with some stunning views of the famous North Shore of Maui.

The webcam has been extremely popular with sailors, surfers and kiters from around the world for the past 6 years.  The new improved version is guaranteed to brighten every water person’s day, the side by side streaming video images are particularly addictive! has a video library where you can view either a days action or a whole month of time lapse action in 90 seconds in QuickTime format. There is also a huge still photo gallery stretching back 6 years. The full day’s video replays during the night for those in other time zones. also has some of the best water and wave information for Maui’s North Shore, with lots of great new wind and wave charts and graphics.  A new links page and blog round out the improvements to this award winning website.