Interview with Scott Carvill

Q: Words to live by? SC: A little worm is still smaller than the big green orange

Q: What are the conditions that really get you fired to go sailing?

SC: Anything straight side shore from 2-30 feet will get me going. Even a one hit 2 foot shore break is great if you can do a good bottom turn off to wack it with. Side onshore jumping is always fun for a bit as well.


Q: What’s your favourite spot and why?

SC: That’s a hard one, I like Hookipa for safe rippableness of it, Diamond Head for the casual crowd-free bowls, Backyards for the gnarly hollow inside reef sections, Jaws for the size, and Frigates for the it's perfect peeling reef pass.

Q: Which other sailors have inspired you and why?

SC: I don't even want to make a list because I might leave someone out. There's so many types of conditions you can sail in and every type seems to have it's rippers. It's good to look at all of them and know how many good windsurfers there are.

Q: What’s your favourite move and why?

SC: I get asked this one a lot and it's a pretty basic answer. An off the lip, sounds simple but there's so many ways to do it. The one I'm talking about is the fast hard driving one that part hits and part gouges at the lip and stays connected all the way through with a quick clean exit. There's so many tricks but let's not forget what really separates the men from the boys!


Q: Describe a typical day in Oahu for you?

SC: Wake up, normally around 7. Drink some juice, turn on the computer and do email and check the weather. Make a plan based on the weather, where to windsurf? Call my friend Frank who I sail with on Oahu while eating cereal and figure out where to go. Hassle Robby and try to get him to come windsurf with us, and if it's pretty good we try to tell Darrel Wong how epic it is to get him to shoot. Then go sail.

Q: How many windsurf boards do you normally own at one time?

SC: I generally have 5 or 6. I'll only use two of those, narrow it down to my favorite small one for 4.5 and below and my favorite big one 4.7 and up.

Q: What is the scariest big wave experience you ever had?

SC: The scariest one was when I was about 16. I got sucked out the channel on a huge day on the north shore of Oahu. 50 foot plus no one was even surfing. I was swimming for over an hour in the channel between the two peaks of phantoms and yards, I wasn't going to get in against the rip. Finally one of the guys, BJ, on the beach paddles out through the rip with two boards and gives me one. The only way to get in was to paddle into the lineup during a lull then hold on and let the whitewash push you to the beach. All the guys at the beach had a good laugh at me but I think they were stoked I was in.


Q: What was the best day of wave sailing you have ever had?

SC: Lots of best days ever. If I had to pick one. Probably the whole day of sailing Namotu for the world cup contest there, making it through all the heats to the final while having an incredible time, some of the best conditions possible. Then going home on the boat with a good chunk of money.

Q: Words to live by?

SC: A little worm is still smaller than the big green orange

Q: If you won 5 million on the lottery what would you do?

SC: I'd either invest it all and keep doing what I'm doing. Or blow it all and keep doing what I'm doing.

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