Tiree Triple XL Challenge


It’s as easy as 1-2-3…


Awesome Online Mag Boardseeker.com are convinced one of the PWA’s aerial hell-men are capable of a triple forward loop, or even a double pushloop sooner rather than later.

So, with a big juicy rack of back-to-back PWA wave events coming up they’ve decided to chuck in some cash as extra motivation at the upcoming Corona Extra PWA World Cup.

Yep. For the Boardseeker Tiree Challenge Super Session, they’re throwing-down £1000 Great British Pounds - that’s around 1500 Euros or 2000 mighty greenbacks to you and I - just to see who’s got the nerve to do it first.

You can read all about it and all the likely contenders in the mini-features section at Boardseekermag.com

The event on the remote wave and storm exposed Scottish Island runs from October 6th through 13th.

You’ll be able to follow the event’s progress with our excellent news service at pwaworldtour.com and of course at  Boardseekermag.com.

There’s also a dedicated event website at Tireewaveclassic.com

For more information please contact the PWA office via info@no-spam-pleasepwaworldtour.com 

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