The 2007 Mormaii Ibiraquera Wave Contest / PWA World Cup - Event Preview and Form Guide



Brazil’s Surf-Rich Santa Catarina State will proudly host the PWA World Tour from 9th through 16th September.


The brand new tour stop is a full-status PWA World Cup. The fresh location will truly test the globe’s premium wave sailors in this bountiful season to justly produce the most worthy champion for some time.

PWA Wave Sailing

The wave sailing discipline truly is windsurfing’s most striking format. Marked on wave riding style and jumping ability, the event will see a maximum of one double elimination completed throughout the holding period.

Ibiraquera in Spring can provide thumping beach break surf with wind from either the North or South to test both Port and Starboard tack specialists, and regular and goofy foot riders alike.


Around an hour south of Florianopolis, the contest will draw crowds from nearby Uruguay and Argentina too, and is big news for windsurfing and watersports enthusiasts throughout South America.

Who’s coming?

The entire Top-10 and more have all pre-entered. Along with pride, crucial ranking points and a cutting psychological for the seasons end, the big names here will be scrapping for their share of the €30,000 Prize fund.

Please allow us to introduce them…

· Kauli Seadi (Quatro / Naish) Brazil: It’s his home spot and he’s played a massive part in getting windsurfing noticed enough in Brazil to produce an event here. He’s the current tour leader, and knows this place like the back of his hand. Who’d dare pitch him as anything but the favourite?

· Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Simmer). Spain: The form player who’s beaten Seadi in the last two finals we’ve seen. He’s not really got any weaknesses in any conditions. Fernandez is always fascinating to watch; especially now as the title race gets interesting.

· Josh Angulo. Cabo Verde: Another versatile allround competitor. Angulo loves clean fast surf and he’ll want the wind to be lighter to limit the aerial ability of the youngsters. That said, he’s the only one of the older set still holding his own in this shark tank of young talent.

· Jonas Ceballos (Fanatic / Simmer) Spain: This season’s surprise package. Growing in stature by the second, this hell-man has come of age in 2007 to show he’s got way more to just ruling in Gran Canaria to offer.

· Vidar Jensen (North) Norway: Quiet and stealthy on land, his sailing turns the volume up if it’s port tack and windy, and especially if the waves jack up in size.

· Nik Baker (Mistral / North) Great Britain: The definition of professional. Like many of the older guys, he’ll want the surf to pump to separate the men from the boys.

· Kevin Pritchard (Starboard / MauiSails) United States: It seems the 2006 World Champion can just ghost his way onto any podium going. Pritchard will punish any errors by anyone. If he makes any himself he just loves to fight back through the double. Be aware. Very aware.

· Julien Taboulet (F2 / Naish) France: Taboulet’s building momentum, and although he’s known for his trademark jumping moves, he’s a demon in good swell. He’ll be taking it heat by heat but he’ll be focused, intense and ruthless.

· Levi Siver (Starboard / NeilPryde) United States: Hawaii’s most rated free sailor is deceptive. He’s already scored a top 10 finish this season and at a purist wave riding location like this he’ll probably climb the rankings – especially if it goes Starboard tack.

· Alex Mussolini (JP / NeilPryde) Spain: A big name for the future who’s learning about contest sailing fast. A big result in the big stuff in Cabo Verde means he gets maximum respect from all, just as he does in Maui.

Brazilian Talent - The Pick of the Host Nations Finest Homegrown Superstars

· Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (Mistral / Gaastra). Aged just 18 he’s the most rated all-rounder of the future who’s delivering on his promises already. A freestyle maestro and with a tour win under his belt already he’s now got a taste for victory. He came 4th in Portugal and desperately wants a podium in front of local support.

· Ian Mouro Lemos (JP / NeilPryde): Another name who’s on the rise and already respected on the world scene. At this level everyone is given respect, but Lemos will have added motivation to boost his impressive arsenal of jumps and surfing ability.

Outside bets you’d be foolish to discount…

· Scott McKercher (Starboard / Severne) Australia: The shifty sand bottom waves will remind McKercher of his Western Australian coastline. The bigger the better as far as he’s concerned. Anyone who thinks they can shove past ‘Gramps’ will have to work that extra bit harder.

· Ricardo Campello (JP / NeilPryde). Venezuela: 3 World freestyle titles and a desire to succeed in the waves. He’s Brazilian born and grew up surfing the beaches of Rio. Despite being in Margarita he’s sailed this spot plenty of times whilst staying with his close friend Seadi. A remarkable talent who, on his day, is breathtaking to watch.

· Jason Polakow (JP / NeilPryde) Australia: Not a tour regular these days but a winner and an innovator. Jason’s also a goofy-footer but just loves clean fast waves on either tack. He’s got one 4th place finish already this year after an on-spec entry, and no one will really want to see their name next to his on the draw.

· Thomas Traversa (Tabou / Gaastra) France: Lightweight, compact yet powerful. A top 5 finish at Guincho this season and a clear and present danger if the wind is light and the swell’s pumping.

· Ross Williams (Tabou / Gaastra) Great Britain: A natural style, which improves as the surf does.

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