The Search

Bjorn Dunkerbeck Releases his Autobiography



With 35 world titles Bjorn Dunkerbeck (T1 / North) is undoubtedly the most successful windsurfer of all time.

After a lifetime of living in wind and waves and making winning a way of life Bjorn has penned some fascinating stories that give rare insight into his incredible life and career.

The book is richly illustrated and peppered with griping stories of his victorious competitive approach and personal philosophy to winning, plus some invaluable tips for beginner or pros on technique, and a guide to his favourite windsurfing spots and travel destinations. And, yes you guessed it, there’s also a DVD to accompany it!

Bjorn, who’s celebrating the recent birth of his third child Marina, called-in to tell us a little about the project. ‘Well it was interesting that was for sure. When I meet people at beaches around the world I became aware that many of them had a lot of questions about the Dunkerbeck history and so I decided to tell the story in the true spirit of windsurfing alongside giving some really useful tips on competing, my favourite spots and how anyone can improve their sailing style and have more fun on the water. I also learnt a few things about myself too during the project as you get to look at yourself in a different way to normal, but it was a lot of fun putting it all together’

The Search is only available in German right now and you can order it at Riva Publishing. We’ll keep you up to date on any other language versions as they become available.

Thanks Bjorn and congratulations to the now larger Dunkerbeck family of future champions.

© PWA / Brian McDowell