F2 Signs Rebellious Team of Youngsters


Karin Jaggi’s been busy in her new role as F2 Team Manager…


Since the competitive season ended, Karin Jaggi (F2 / North), the 2007 Slalom World Champion, has been busy already in her new job scouting-out young talent for the F2 international team.

New on the books are two explosive talents from Gran Canaria – 16-yr old Kyra Koster (F2 / North), her 13-yr old brother Philip Koster (F2 / Severne) who’s already had PWA wavesailing competition experience at Pozo, and 14-yr old Hendrix Stone (F2 / Severne).

Karin gave us her thoughts on the plan behind the new deals in a time when all the major brands are signing younger and younger riders in a bid to cement talent for the future. “As the new team manager I have one big goal - to grow and strengthen the F2 family. I personally grew up within this family and I want to give other people the same chance. Therefore it was just natural to add a few young talents to the existing team. We deliberately choose those three kids as we already had a very personal connection with all of them. Our “rebels” should get the best possible and personal support from their family. Kyra is my personal favourite! For some years I've lent her my old equipment, and she's made respectable progress this summer. With her self-confidence and cheeky style she’ll without doubt be the leader of our rebel team!”

Patrik Diethelm, F2 Shaper commented on his particular prodigy. “My 'offspring' is Philip. When I first trained at Philip’s parents windsurf centre in Vargas (Gran Canaria) for the first time he wasn’t even born! Later I spent many summers living in their house on the beach and it was Rolf (Philip’s dad) that showed me how to repair boards – so this is kind of where my career started – so it really is like one big windsurfing family! Today Philip is one of the most explosive talents in windsurfing. At just 13 years of age he has already some valuable world cup experience. His style is so effortless and smooth! I’m very proud that he rides my boards!”

Danny Aeberli, F2 tester and owner of Choco Fins spotted his young understudy down-under in Western Oz. “Just a few years ago I saw Hendrix making his first windsurfing attempts at his home spot in Geraldton /Australia – also my favourite windsurfing spot on earth. Every year I return and can’t believe how much progress he made! He playfully copies all my hard learned tricks like it would be the easiest thing to do. He’s my sparring partner in Australia and there is nobody I have more fun sailing with!”

The big boss at F2 Raoul Werzer, the Windsurf Line Manager seemed happy to part with the cash and a tonne of new gear to his rebels.“F2 is fast becoming more professional, more technical and highly focused on great style. The young rebel team is just one way of showing the progress and change F2 is going for. I’m sure that these three kids will be scoring big results and turning heads very soon and so play their part in our philosophy... I’m looking forward to a ground-breaking and innovative future for our brand”

© PWA / Brian McDowell