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We’ve all got them and check them religiously each day. But where do our big names spend most of their time online?


Its habit, its routine and its necessary.  At events world over the PWA’s finest Windsurfers spend an almighty amount of time online – especially if the wind’s light. What on earth are they all doing in those VIP areas and rigging tents glued to the screens of their laptops? Before the season ended I gathered some of the heaviest browsers in town to open their desktops and divulge their biggest vices online.

Who checks what first when they fire up their laptops?

Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Simmer)
– ‘I always check the forecasts before my mail. Forecasts will probably affect my day more than anything else!’

Pieter Bijl (Fanatic / NeilPryde) – ‘Straight to the NeilPryde help desk if it is for work, if is isn't for work, I usually head to some car tuning sites of for racing results’

Josh Angulo – ‘I’m pretty straight-down-to-business kind of guy and check my mail first before I surf the web’

Boujmaa Guillol, (Starboard / Severne) – ‘Always my mail box, and then straight to the weather and windsurfing news sites, pwaworldtour.com, windguru, and windurfjournal.com

Norman Gunzlein (JP / NeilPryde) – ‘First of all I always check the wind every morning so I know what the plan for the next few days is. Then its my e-mail, various windsurfing pages, music pages…etc.’

What about the weather sites?

Norman – ‘I always use Windfinder.com and Windguru…and sometimes wetteronline'

Victor – ‘Windguru.com Windfinder.com and I also use INM.es

Josh – ‘I’m strictly Windguru – I’ve got their logo on my sails! But when I’m in Cabo Verde I use the navy site too to keep an eye on the big swell situation’

Pieter – ‘I don't have any! Is that sad? Forecasts are forecasts for a reason, they’re not always right, I like to wake up in the morning and just look out of the window to see what the weather does. To be surprised without expectations, keeps you in a happy attitude without getting disappointed!’

Hot web properties outside of the windsurfing?

Josh – ‘I always check the ASP (Surfing) world tour site. It’s pretty much my favourite site – apart from pwawordltour.com of course!’

Norman – ‘I like pages like continentseven.com and stehsegelrevue.com because they always put nice videos of us and other pros on the page so you can always know about new moves and stuff’

Boujmaa – ‘I always have fun with sites like MySpace and Facebook with all my new and old friends that I can talk to. Travbuddy.com is also a nice place where people can share their travel experiences and information about places that they plan to visit through people who’ve already been there‘

Victor – ‘Because I like many other sports I check a lot of outside sites like Marca.es (Spanish Sport website), atptennis.com nba.com and aspworldtour.com

Who’s got what snaps on their desktops? What are the pro’s favourite pics?

Josh –
‘Pictures of my wife and son of course!'

Victor – ‘Right now I’ve got some cool shots taken by my friend Alfredo Escobar from my last trip to Chile’

Boujmaa – ‘I always have this one of Essaouira to remind me of home when I’m on the road’

© PWA / Brian McDowell