The Polakow Movies

It’s come as a pleasant surprise to learn that Jason Polakow is releasing a new movie mid-November, so it was high time he dropped us a line to tell us about it.


With the season all done and dusted Jason Polakow’s (JP / NeilPryde) currently waiting in Hawaii for a huge North swell to hit JAWS or the famous Mexican big-wave spot Todos Santos. But all year he and fellow pro Robert 'Sandman' Sand (Tabou / Gaastra) have been a busy fellas working on their project ‘The Polakow Movies’. This is what Jason had to say about the whole mission.

‘Yeah it’s basically my the DVD’s that I did  "Polakow KA 111" and "About Time" video together on one DVD plus some bonus stuff of the JP team and myself.

People never really got the chance to buy the "About Time" movie because Chilli Video who was the distributor went bust right when we were launching the movie back in 2000.

The other reason is that these two movies were only available on VHS and never on a DVD format.

I think that these two movies span a whole generation of windsurfing so I think that the new DVD will be an important bridge between two eras and show a lot of progression in the sport.

We’d been wanting to do this project for quiet some time, so me and my Dad had to find the original stuff which was buried all over the place for the crew to work with.

It was all put together by Robert Sand basically. He approached me a while ago with the idea at an event so I started trying to track down the original Beta tapes or master reels. I new that Oxbow had one, but the first movie I did when I was a kid was much harder to track down.

The bonus footage was shot from all different people but a lot of it came from the JP camera that we have here in Hawaii, plus we’ve got footage from the PWA event on Cabo Verde, where Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde) filmed a lot and some great watershots from Carsten Naumann.

The technical staff working for Robert compiled all that footage. It’s sometimes hard to transfer a VHS tape into a DVD, as you need to format the segments all over again.

Rob was also there for the JP photo shoot in spring, where a lot of the stuff is from, so we sort of managed to get two things done at once. On top of that, there is interviews and so on, but all in all, I could think of worse jobs to do!

Thanks to Robert we had a good little team working on the project with people involved in editing and graphics, so everybody is really stoked with the way it’s come out'

You can look at the NeilPryde or JP Australia web sites or log on directly 

Most online stores and windsurf shops should also be stocking it, plus there’s also a trailer at windsurfjournal's TV Section

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