Tenerife Treasure


Dany Bruch goes bounty hunting in the Canary Islands


PWA wave star Dany Bruch (F2 / Gaastra) has lived in Tenerife most of his life.

The Island is consistently windy and exposed to powerful Atlantic swells.

The Pro tour used to visit El Medano regularly in the ‘90s, and the good news is that a women’s only event is pencilled-in on the schedule for April 2008.

But some off-season adventure on the lesser-known and imposing north coast proved rewarding for Dany, who luckily was accompanied by some photographers to capture their joyous discoveries.

Dany called-in to let us know about what he found.

"I’ve been searching alone in the north looking for new breaks for a few seasons now.

But on the 19th of December, together with photographer Sven Neils, we struck gold at an un-ridden big-wave spot.

I jumped in the water without knowing how I’d get back, sailed for 2 hours with a 5.8m sail and 83L board and got about 30 waves.

It took me over an hour to get back to the beach because there was absolutely no wind on the inside of the bay.

I then had to swim for another 30 mins before getting fully rinsed by a mast high barrel after sailing clew-first for an hour.

After losing my gear I found it about 15 metres away, with nothing broken miraculously, but the struggle was more than worth it for such an incredible session.

Jochen Stolz from Windsurfing Tenerife took the big wave shot, and this and more shots from Jochen and Svein Neils will go public in magazines worldwide soon.

After this experience I’m hell-bent on unearthing more waves in the wild north.

The terrain is tricky and the wind fluky. There are masses of cliffs and hazards, and of course you’re alone in fierce waters.

But one thing is for sure; Tenerife has potential away from the popular south coast.

Sail safe and Happy Christmas everyone!”

© PWA / Brian McDowell