2017 Waterz Festival, Hvide Sande, Denmark

Date: Sep 09 - Sep 14 2017 Disciplines: Men Slalom, Women Slalom Location: Hvide Sande, WATERZ Festival

Hvide Sande, WATERZ Festival Many windsurfers have made their first starts on the low, flat waters by Bork, Hvide Sande North or Hvide Sande South. And many of them still regularly come back with their own kids.
Today, Hvide Sande is also known as a prime spot for kitesurfing, paddling, kayaking, SUP, waterskiing and cable wakeboard. With the North Sea waves on the West side, and the lower waters of the fjord you can ride, paddle or surf no matter the weather, all year round. The harbor city Hvide Sande has around 3500 inhabitants. During the high season in July and August that number can easily be more than 20 times as high, as loads of tourists visit the area. Though tourism is still more important, Hvide Sande is widely known for the fishing harbor. The city holds an active fishing fleet and many companies related to the fishing industry - among others 2 shipyards. More information online at www.waterz.dk

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2017 Waterz Festival, Hvide Sande, Denmark

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