PWA Athletes

Joaquím Rodes

Age: 53
Height: 0
Debut: 2009
Residence: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Boards: Tabou Boards
Sails: GA Sails


1st PWA event Costa Brava Slalom
Windsurfing History:
2nd Tarifa Classic, 2008 (RFEV – Spanish Federation recognised)
2nd Culoperro Tamañeros at Almería (RFEV – Spanish Federation recognised, 1st Ludovic Jossin and 3rd  Victor Fernandez). So, after Ludovi Jossin I am second at Spanish races at the moment.
Windsurfing Ambitions: race with top riders, improve Slalom technique


Tabou Boards, GA Sails,
Joaquím  Rodes
Joaquím  Rodes