PWA Athletes

Deivis Parternina Teran

Deivis  Parternina Teran
Age: 23
Height: 0
Debut: 2010
Residence: Venezuela
Nationality: Venezuelan
Sails: Hot Sails Maui


1st PWA event Lanzarote Freestyle, 2010

I started windsurfing when I was 12, in el Yaque, Venezuela, where I'm still living and windsurfing every single day. I am lucky to live at the one of the most popular spots of the world, this is where I started, watching famous guys like Gollito, training. That cought my attention so much that couldn't stop training myself to complete my dream - Pro Windsurfer career. I'm on my way and not planning to stop!

National competition, Venzuela, Puerto de la Cruz, Nr.3 (Year, 2012)
PWA, Vietnam, Nr.11 (Year 2011)
PWA, Podesdorf, Nr.19 (Year 2011)
PWA, Aruba, Nr.17 (Year 2011)
PWA, Bonaire, Nr. 22 (Year 2011)
PWA, Lanzarote, Nr.17 (Year 2010)
PWA, Fuerteventura, Nr.19 (Year 2010)


Hot Sails Maui, NESTEA, Planet Windsurf All Sport