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Benjamin Tillier

Benjamin  Tillier
Height: 0
Debut: 2010
Residence: New Caledonia
Nationality: New Caledonian


1st PWA event entered Sylt Slalom 2010

I began Windsurfing when i was 10 years old in New Caledonia when Bjorn Dunkerbeck led the last Noumea Cup PWA in 1995!! As i did a lot of Optimist, I started to race in Olympic Class (mistral) all around the world and i was 3 times French Youth Champion and alsoYouth european Champion. Now I m living in France and training at the "Pole France de Marseille" and I m in the National Olympic Team in Neil Pryde RSX. (3rd at the last National Championship) I just finished 16th of the last European Championship and I m qualified for the RSX World Championship for the 4th time.
Last year i also did the French FunBoard Tour AFF (Association Francaise de Funboard) and i finished 6th of the seconde stage with some good races in the Top 5.


Benjamin  Tillier
Benjamin  Tillier
Benjamin  Tillier