PWA Athletes

Rafael de Windt

Rafael  de Windt
Age: 23
Height: 0
Debut: 2011
Residence: CuraƧao
Nationality: Dutch
Boards: F2
Sails: Hot Sails Maui


1st PWA event entered Bonaire Freestyle 2011

2010: Curacao challenge 4th freestyle , Aruba hi winds category : prince of the huts 4th place , 2nd place IFCA freestyle world championships under 17 , 2nd place Heineken regatta under 18
2011: tow in freestyle show @ Curacao challenge 2011 , Aruba hi winds category : prince of the huts : 2nd place , IFCA freestyle world champion Category under 17 : 1st place , category under20 : 4th place
2011: first entrance in PWA in Bonaire and Aruba. A great experience and learning time for me.
2012: 3rd bonifacio freestyle project, 2nd under 20 IFCA freestyle worldchampionships, 17th PWA Fuerteventura
2013: 3rd place Aruba X-treem event. 24th PWA Fuerteventura, 33th PWA DAM 7, 33th PWA Stylt. Nominated for athlete of the year.
2014 : 21st PWA Bonaire, 9th PWA Fuerteventura, 17th , 25th PWA Sylt, 3rd PWA indoor Poland, overall results 15th
2015 : no result PWA podersdorf, 16th PWA Fuerteventura
Windsurfing Ambitions: to show everybody what windsurfing can do for them as it did for me. To promote Freestyle windsurfing as much possible


F2, Hot Sails Maui, NuCapital, Makani Fins, Bomber Eyewear, Reptile Masts